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Let’s break it down...

Most of us know the power of using social media to market your business, but we’ve never seen a playbook of the right content to post on your social media channel(s) that encourages your audience to visit your website and hit the “checkout” button… until NOW!


If you have a new small business looking for the answers to growing your social media audience and converting followers into customers, these three #girlbosses are here to break it down.


Together Alana, Megan and Jana have talked to A LOT of women and gathered the key questions around marketing and selling. These ladies are laying out all the answers to help you break through the conversion wall and get you feeling confident and excited about your business again!

We have the experience to help you.

Between them, Jana, Alana and Megan have helped MANY entrepreneurs get CONSISTENT on social media, OVERCOME hashtag stress, build websites that MAKE YOU MONEY and MASTER the marketing funnel.

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How would it feel to get a notification that you had received a purchase on your website? It’s instant confirmation that someone believes in you!

Let’s get you there!

What you get when you register:

  • Access to a panel of experts who have been where you are, and are here to teach you their secrets
  • Three days of community with other like-minded entrepreneurs working to grow their businesses
  • The answers you’ve been looking for to structure your social media and website to sell for you
  • Access to HUGE discounts from Loop Consulting, Loveleighmaed Design Boutique and Hello Life Academy

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If you aren’t selling, it may only take one simple solution to make your next $1,000.  

  • Get the keys to creating consistent content for social media in less than an hour a week
  • Learn the tools you might be missing on your website to get people interested and buying from you
  • Master the marketing funnel to convert clients and close sales


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Register today to join this exclusive private Facebook group and get access to THREE industry experts!

  • Once you register you will receive an email with confirmation of your acceptance -- and once the next class is scheduled you will get access into our exclusive facebook community
  • Stress Free IG - Jana will teach you her formula for cutting the stress when creating consistent content for social media, including the important elements you may be missing in your captions to HOOK your audience and get them onto your website
  • Importance of Opt-Ins - Alana is talking all things website; what you NEED to offer your audience to get them interested in your brand and what you are selling
  • Email Marketing Funnel - Megan is bringing it home; giving you the behind the scenes secrets of the marketing funnel and converting the leads you’ve cultivated into PAYING customers
  • bonus access to a MASSIVE discount on a Business Start-Up Bundle that has NEVER been offered before

What would $1,000 mean to your business?

We want to get you there.


Stress Free IG 

Jana will walk you through her low stress process of scheduling content. Her process makes sure your content is giving your audience what they want so they stay interested in your business. She will talk about the key elements (that most people forget) you need in your captions to get your audience reading and interested in what you are posting. Finally, she will make the link between your social media and website, to get people checking out your online storefront.

Importance of Opt-Ins

Alana will be walking you through just what you NEED to offer your audience to get them interested, AND why it is so important to build a strong genuine connection with your audience. 

Email Marketing Funnels

Megan will be teaching on how to put it ALL together! Giving you the behind the scenes secrets of the marketing funnel and converting the leads you’ve cultivated into PAYING customers

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We will be running this class again for anyone who missed out the first time!

MASSIVE discount on a Bundle that has NEVER been offered before

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Who should attend this 3 Day Class?

Who should join:

  • Bloggers
  • Realtors
  • Home based businesses
  • Restaurant owners
  • Health Coaches 
  • Store front owners 

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If you are struggling with how everything ties together and how to close your sales? Than this is for you!  



We can't wait to teach you the best way to create consistent content, having an interested audience and how to convert your leads!  

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